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Who We Are

Grand Care Companions

Empathy, compassion, and commitment are the foundation of our work. 

Your Home. Your Care. Our Purpose. 


No place feels more like home...than home. Established in 2014, Grand Care Companions was founded by our own personal experience of requiring in-home care for a loved one and feeling overwhelmed and unsure of whom to turn to or where to go to find it. We quickly learned that there were many agencies guaranteeing numerous promises, but not a lot of oversight behind the scenes. That wasn't good enough for us and it isn't for your loved one either.


Your Home


Not only do we require all of our caregivers to pass comprehensive background checks, we require extensive training so you don't have to worry about who is in your home providing care. We respect your home and privacy just like our own. 


Your Care

Navigating home care options begins with the right personalized assessments and customized care plans. Ensuring the right caregiver is placed in your home is our Care Coordinator's most important responsibility. Ongoing in-home assessments guarantee the perfect fit, all the time. 


Our Purpose

We enrich the lives of our clients every day. Empathy, compassion, and commitment are the foundation of our work. People are unique, and their home care should be too. 






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