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Jessica Doheny

" I think what bothered me the most about using other care agencies was how they treated my Grandfather like a routine business transaction, not someone coming to care for a person in their most vulnerable of times."

Jessica Doheny
Vice President


When my family and I began to look for non-medical, in-home care options for my grandfather, we were shocked. Several agencies offered to place a caregiver in his home without meeting him or his family, and without truly understanding our needs. When I asked how agencies screened and trained their workers, I was unimpressed with the limited background checks and the training potential caregivers were given. After all, this caregiver would be in his home while we were not there. It concerned me that caring for my grandfather was treated by the agencies like a routine business transaction, and not like a caring service for a person at their most vulnerable.  


Grand Care Companions was formed with the intention of being a non-medical, in-home care agency that puts the client and family first. We understand the importance of peace of mind and providing periodic care updates. To us, you are a person, not a transaction. 


I am proud of Grand Care Companions and what my husband and I have created: an agency that we believe in and that makes a difference. We are leading a change in how clients of non-medical, in-home care are treated and providing a model which allows the aging population to be treated with patience and dignity as we meet their needs in a sincere and professional manner. Most importantly, I am proud to call my grandfather a client. 



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