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Asking for Home Care Help: Why It's Okay—and Important—to Have Help

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

by Karen Connelly

When a loved one begins to face the challenges that come naturally with aging, family members often become primary care providers. In the beginning, responsibilities may be light and seem manageable and are, oftentimes, carried out by just a few people in the family. But as time goes by, these duties often grow larger and more demanding. This is when burn-out can occur.

Caring for a loved one with whom you are deeply connected can, understandably, lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. There’s no doubt that it’s a demanding role. Accepting that it’s alright—and actually healthy—to seek outside support is the first step towards finding a professional caregiver who will provide relief for you and support your aging parent in the place they are most comfortable and most familiar: their own home.

The right care agency will meet with you and your loved and answer all of the questions you may have about the type of care that is needed, the type of care that will be provided, the mission of the agency itself, as well as the cost of service. Beginning the process of discovering which type of care—light housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship—will best benefit your family is a positive step in the direction towards helping your family continue to thrive in a more balanced manner.

Taking this first step towards in-home care doesn’t necessarily mean committing to hiring a caregiver. Simply opening yourself up to care options and knowing that there are helpful and compassionate services are available to you, will no doubt help in relieving any stress you may be feeling.


Grand Care Companions prides itself on the exceptional, compassionate care it provides its valued families. Our team is available to support you when you need us.

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