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Shawneisha Maye


"I knew then that I wanted to help and support anyone who needed medical care. I facilitate care for all our clients and ensure all their scheduling needs are fulfilled."   

Shawneisha Maye
Scheduling Coordinator


The summer of 1995, my entire world was turned upside down. My aunt walked into our home and informed us that my mom got very ill and was rushed to the hospital. She was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. I was devasted and I immediately wanted to help.

I was in the hospital, libraries, and everywhere else I could get information on this disease. I was ready and willing to help my mom. I took that long journey with my mother and she survived it! Then, six years later, I was back taking care of her again, with lung cancer. At this point, I only knew how to provide care to an ill individual. I was a provider, fighter, and supporter.


Meeting all the patients, the medical team, and families, in the hospital, during my mother’s hospital visits gave me a clearer purpose in my life. I knew then I wanted to help and support anyone who needed medical care. After my 18th birthday, I became a Certified Nurses Aide, providing direct care to clients.


I'm very blessed and grateful to be able to observe a field that gives great purpose to one’s life. Through hard work, I was able to obtain my current position as the scheduling coordinator for Grand Care Companions.









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