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A Day in the Life of a PCA

When asked to write a piece on, “A Day in the Life of a PCA”, I thought it would be easy. I figured I would simply list all the duties a PCA/Caregiver has throughout his or her day and be done. I would add details on how a PCA arrives in the morning to their client’s home and begins their shift by getting the client, up and out of bed, ready for the day. I would continue to discuss how the PCA prepares breakfast and possibly may sit and feed the client or perhaps provide some companionship while they ate. As the day goes on the caregiver may do some laundry, change the bed linens, and do some dusting around the house. There may be errands to run, such as groceries or a client’s appointment, before it is time for the PCA to make lunch or a snack. The client may need some help with toileting and personal care. The caregiver goes about their day performing what may seem like mundane, everyday tasks. Soon supper time comes, and another meal is prepared. The client is cleaned up if need be and made ready for bed. Another day is done.

While this is a good breakdown of the tasks and duties a PCA / caregiver performed, it is not a complete picture of the role nor the impact our team members make on their client’s life. A caregiver is sometimes the only smiling face a lonely client sees. A caregiver can comfort a husband as he cries because his wife of 60 years no longer remembers him. A caregiver holds an agitated client’s hand when he gets scared and confused because the client’s Alzheimer’s disease has taken away his ability to remember where he is. With each task performed throughout a shift, our PCA’s are touching someone’s life and making a difference. Making sure a client and his or her environment is clean, comfortable and safe is not just a line or task in a job description. These duties bring independence and dignity to our client’s lives and I cannot think of a more beautiful gift to give another human being.

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