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Preparing Your Loved One for In-Home Care

by Karen Connelly

For some, the idea of strangers coming into their home to help may feel like an invasion of privacy or even a loss of independence. In fact, it is often a necessary part of maintaining a healthy balance when providing care for an aging family member. Helping them prepare for the transition can be made easier with these helpful tips:

1. COMMUNICATE Listen openly and patiently to the feelings and concerns that your loved one shares with you. Show your understanding. Empower your loved one by included them in the selection of their caregiver.

2. SHIFT THE PERSPECTIVE FROM THEM TO YOU Preserve their sense of dignity and independence by expressing that the need for extra help is your need, rather than your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you need help.

3. “I need someone to help clean.” This may not be the actual reason but, often, people will welcome someone in to clean when they “don’t need” care for themselves.

4. JUST FRIENDS By introducing the caregiver as a friend of yours, you are connecting them to the family which can help in establishing trust and rapport. You can also say that your “friend” is the one who needs company and that by having them at the house, your loved one is helping them out.

5. SHORT TERM HELP By presenting the caregiver’s presence as short-term, you will allow time for your loved one to become comfortable with home care as part of a daily routine.


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