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Grand Care Companions’ Guide to Gift Giving

by Karen Connelly

This holiday season give the seniors in your life a gift that is practical and meaningful. We’ve curated a list of items, both fun and functional, which are sure to be well-received and much appreciated!

Printed Photo Album

Walk down memory lane in a custom-designed photo book. Easy to create and affordable. Available for local pickup through,,, and

Going Out and About

Gift certificates to a favorite restaurant, hair and nail salon, theater, or local activity offer a fun outing to look ahead to.

Keep an Active Mind

Puzzles and games, such as crosswords, sudoku, and personalized memory games, are a great way to stimulated and entertain the brain.

Create a Music Playlist

Music restores connection, brings joy, and rekindles memories. Make a playlist of music from the soundtrack of your loved ones’ lifetime. Put in on a CD, iPod, or whichever device they use. For a wonderful perspective on the power of music in aging minds, visit

Dressed to the Nines

Stay in vogue with the ease of adaptive clothing from innovative companies like,, and

Ideas for useful gifts are endless. Think creatively and compassionately and you’re sure to give something that will please!

Wishing you and yours all the very best this holiday season…and always.

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