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Staying Connected With Seniors in the Digital Age

By Karen Connelly

Keeping your loved one connected to family, friends, activities, entertainment, and current events is easier than ever thanks to the advent of digital technology. Tablets offer connection and engagement as well as providing a proven increase in cognitive, mobility, and communication skills amongst those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

No matter which device you select—tablet, iPad, or E-Reader—each model provides options that engage the mind.

The benefit of using a tablet is the easy access to news, friends and family, movies and television programming, the enrichment of games, as well as fitness, mindfulness, productivity, creativity, and educational apps that keep the body and mind active.


There are countless applications—or, ‘apps’—that serve to educate, entertain, and connect us in every way. Here are a few excellent options geared specifically toward seniors. Find them in the App Store on an iPad or in Google Play:


MindMate transforms and maintains health and wellness through daily workouts and mental activities, including brain games that stimulate the mind, physical workouts that shape the body, and nutrition advice and recipes to complete a healthy lifestyle. Based on world-leading science, MindMate is designed to help those who want to stay healthy, happy and independent for as long as possible.


Over 6,000 puzzles that combine word search and crossword. An excellent escape from boredom that stimulates the mind with its brilliant depictions of beautiful destinations. The fun is in the increasing challenge of the puzzles so there’s never a dull moment!


Use tactics, observation, memory, and adaptive strategies while you match ornate patterns on tiles. There are numerous variations on the game to choose from.


Lumosity is a free brain training app available for Apple and Android devices. It features daily brain games, workout modes, detailed training insights, and mindfulness training and is available in several languages.

Getting the most out of your tablet with easy-to-follow workshop which are offered at local senior centers, libraries, and some tech retailers. Trainers can help you created logins and passwords as well as set up accessibility features on the device, such as zoom, assistive touch, sound amplifier, heart rate monitor, and more. It’s never too late to take up the latest technology and adapt it to your loved one’s needs.

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